Product Range

EPS insulation slabs

SAGER produces SAGEX insulation slabs but also drainage slabs and SAGEX blanks in 2D and 3D technology as well as SAGEX Nero, the even better SAGEX insulation.

Glass wool slabs and rolls

With the SAGLAN production facility, we produce high-quality glass wool products for thermal and sound insulation. The large SAGLAN range includes insulation, rafter, pressure-proof slabs, impact sound, facade, cassette, acoustic and ceiling slabs up to rafter rolls and construction insulation felts. All SAGLAN products can be additionally finished with different coatings/linings.

Insulation slabs with a thickness of up to 300 mm, the SAGLAN cut to measure service and perfect logistics are standard at SAGER.

Glass wool pipe sections

Simply better insulation - with PIPELANE pipe sections! As leading Swiss producer of glass wool, SAGER produces innovative pipe sections by the name of PIPELANE.


SAGER Supplementary products

We feature a matching supplementary supplement consisting of insulation and sealing products.