SAGLAN T-SI-K 20 (crimp wrapped)

Application field / properties

Insulation roll made of glass wool, crimp wrapped, coated with pure aluminium, gridded, for highly efficient insulation and sound absorption.
Technical insulation e.g. ventilation ducts, pipes with large diameters, large containers.

Technical parameters

ca. 20 kg/m3 
ºC 0 50 100 150 200 250
W/mK 0.036 0.049 0.065 0.085 0.112 0.146
1200 mm
100, 120 mm
Pure aluminium gridded (A)
Glass fibre fleece yellow (Vg)
Glass fibre fleece yellow, long. reinforced (Vgl)
Glass fibre fleece black (Vs)
Glass fabric black (G)