Company Policy


We are an independent SME that produces and trades in insulation materials. To secure our long-term independence, we strive to achieve a reasonable rate of return and place value on high liquidity and low debt. The capital invested by our financiers is expected to provide a reasonable return. We pay our employees commensurately with their performance and value good qualifications and good education.

For our customers, we are a reliable partner that enables them to operate in line with market conditions. We strive to establish lasting, fair relationships with suppliers and service providers, and in return we expect prices and services that enable us to remain competitive on the market.

As we aim to continuously improve our products and services, we maintain a management system as specified by the standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Employees are informed about the company’s policies, which are also available to the public.


Products & markets

We aim to achieve a significant market position on the Swiss market. We distribute most of our first-party products SAGLAN and SAGEX directly to end users, while PIPELINE is distributed through retail. In addition to good product quality, we offer superior customer service and make use of our flexibility to ensure a high degree of customer loyalty. In Switzerland, we distribute a range of retail products that allows us to serve as a single source of supplies for our trade customers. We aim to offer key retail products under the SAGER label in order to strengthen the SAGER brand.

We distribute SAGLAN and PIPELANE to export markets through retailers and traders who deal in insulation for building services, industrial and increasingly shipbuilding use. Thanks to our small and thus flexible production facilities, we are able to offer customized products that are not particularly compelling for our major competitors.



We aim to produce according to best practice, and make use of our production facilities’ advantages – their small size and flexibility – as an opportunity. We develop our products to not only meet customer needs but also to be able to keep offering new products of increasing quality and environmental compatibility. In the field of development, we are open to partnerships.


Quality Policy

We consider it our duty to offer market products and services that are of the best quality possible and adapted to our customers’ needs.

Our quality policy is based on the principle of achieving maximum customer satisfaction. We fulfill this principle by continuously improving the quality of our products and services. We define the quality of our products and services according to transparent and verifiable criteria, on the basis of which we derive our quality objectives.

To ensure that our quality objectives are met, all of our quality-related and safety-related activities, including management, purchasing, sales, the specialist divisions, production, warehousing and transportation, are consistently planned, managed and monitored. We monitor compliance with quality objectives at regular intervals, for which we make use of quantifiable criteria.

Each of our employees helps to achieve these quality objectives on the basis of their qualifications, effort, commitment and entrepreneurial mindset. Our employees constructively assist in avoiding mistakes, identifying potential error sources and eliminating them permanently. Our comprehensive management system is continuously improved on the basis of suggestions from all employees.


Environmental & Energy Policy

Respect for the environment is a key business principle for Sager. Commodities, energy, water and other resources are used as sparingly as possible to reduce the impact on the environment. The environmental compatibility of the production methods and work processes is continuously improved. Potential for conserving energy is continuously identified and utilized.

We place great value in reducing our waste output. Wherever possible, we attempt to recycle waste. These principles are taken into consideration in our purchasing activities, in development and in the planning of all procedures and processes.

We acknowledge the binding nature of statutory and other requirements applicable to our enterprise and comply with these. Statutory environmental and energy standards and obligations placed upon us by public authorities are deemed to be the minimum requirements.

We undertake to provide the resources and information necessary to achieve the defined objectives. Environmentally friendly and energy-efficient products and services are given preferential treatment in purchase, as long as these are economically viable and strategically wise.

Each employee is responsible for ensuring compliance with statutory and company regulations in their field of work. We inform, train and motivate our employees on environmentally friendly conduct to this end.